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Sinus or toothache?



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Sep 4, 2020
Hello oh wonderful dentists who always put my mind at ease.

Iv had this horrible stinking cold for a fortnight. Not covid, just a horrible cold that's knocked me right off my feet.

Now I can't make my mind up if iv got toothache or it's my ear/sinuses related. The front of my face aches when pressed - from my nose around my cheek bone both sides but mostly the left which is the side of my possible toothache. When I blow my nose (sorry!!!) I get a pain which I cannot make my mind up whether it's my ear (left) or my top very back (not wisdom tooth cos I had that extracted about 15 years ago) left tooth. Iv got like a very mild toothache but I can't quite decide if it's actually ear ache? The ache feels to be in bottom teeth aswell. No swollen gums, no pain on biting. Nothing visually looks different tooth wise.

Is it likely to just be cold/sinus/ear related given I'm still quite full of cold or should I make a dental appt to make sure my teeth aren't all suddenly having problems at the same Time?

I'm panicking because I'm such a worrier about dental issues, even if it's all just in my head.

Sorry to be very vague and a total pain in the backside ?

Thanks as always
Sinus 99%. Does it hurt if you shake your head from side to side or moving from lying to standing?

Try getting into a nice steamy environment, hot bath is fine and the old towel over head/over bowl of boiling water treatment is helpful.
Hi Gordon
Thanks for taking the time to reply. Yes it hurts into my ear when I shake my head. If I put my head forward (like bending over) it hurts all the top left teeth. My face is tender to touch on both sides but mostly left . No sensitivity to any of my teeth with hot or cold, no pain when biting or clenching my teeth so I'm thinking ear/sinus but I am a real panicker especially where my teeth are concerned.

I'll definitely try more steam and keep topped up with pain relief.

If the pain continues after the sinus thing has cleared ill get in to see my dentist. Thank you again
Definitely sinus then, the shaking head and bending over stuff is a clear diagnostic sign.
Thanks Gordon. Much appreciated.