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Sinus perforation, acute sinusitis and the buck toothed upper denture.



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Nov 12, 2015
After years of a combination of fear of the dentist, bulimia and poor dental habits, I came to the decision to get a full set of dentures. It's been a journey of pain, infection and a considerable overbite.
I opted for immediate dentures and chose top of the line dentures. The total cost was just under $8000. The molds were done while a vast majority of my upper teeth, including my front two were still intact. I never got a chance to preview them before they were sent off to the lab.
The dentist chose to remove the upper back teeth first ( two on one day, three the next week).
The very back tooth had to be surgically removed. On the first round, once I got home from the visit, and removed the gauze, I found I was able to shoot the water from my mouth out of my nose. I called the dentist immediately, who had me return and packed the hole with gauze with a clove taste to it. He told me to take Claritin and that was it. It never closed up, and he told me to wait until the next visit in a week to check on it. Any time I drank, it came out of my nose, for a week. The next appointment, he pulled the three on the other side, again, surgically removing the back tooth. Again, another sinus perforation, this time the opposite side. He sewed up the sinus perforation that happened that day and attempted to sew up the other side and sent me on my way. The first perforation opened up, again within a day. The stitches came out. He told me that the denture would seal the hole once put in.
Fast forward to the day I'm to get the remainder of the teeth removed and the immediate denture in. I think I cut the circulation off in my hands during the procedure because of my fear. He put the immediate denture in and I asked him why I had such an overbite and never got an answer.
I figured I'd wait until the swelling went down to push the issue. When I sleep, I cannot shut my lips and I feel like I look like Gary Busey. It's very upsetting.
Now, in the meantime, I started having excruciating pain in my face, on the side of the first sinus perforation. Then, a horrible smell that I can only describe as maggoty meat in my nostril and putrid taste in my mouth. I contacted the dentist and asked for antibiotics. After two days he called a script for Penicillin 500mg. I'm on day 3 of the antibiotics and the smell, swelling, pain and taste are still there. I mentioned it to him today... Twice.... And he avoided it. The smell was blatantly obvious to anyone near my face.
He did a soft reline on both the top and the bottom and when I got home, my top denture started falling out the minute I ate ice cream. I also I saw that he left reline material hanging over the outside of my top denture.
I mentioned the overbite again today. He told me that my denture teeth were the same as my natural ones were. I have never in my life had an overbite. I feel like crying all day long. My face has changed, it looks so artificial. My bottom denture doesn't even go to my gums in the front and you can see the protrusions on the sides of my mouth. It looks ridiculous.
I don't know what to do. He says to wait 6 months for the hard reline. I cannot live 6 months like this. He used an outside lab so he has no way to fix anything aside from the soft refines. I feel like I'm in a nightmare I cannot wake up from. Dentures were supposed to help me feel more confident and give me the ability to smile again. The opposite has happened.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you in advance.
Sorry to hear about your problems and this will not do your confidence with our profession any better. First things first you need to get the sinus perforation closed up. If your dentist is not capable of doing this then he should refer you to oral surgery. Once closed up, you should avoiding blowing your nose, sucking, flying, swimming or anything that will increase the pressure in your sinuses. In the meantime if you have sinusitis then consider more antibiotics and possibly a saline rinse on a netty pot. Do not use the rinse after it has been stitched up though otherwise it will reopen. Once the sockets have properly healed then ask your dentist to sort out the denture. Might take a bit of time to get used to it and I'm sure you will get there.
Thank you for your advice. I appreciate you taking time to reply.
sinus closure can absolutely be done
everyone who extracts teeth will ocasionally get them. I wouldn't fault the problem just managing the complication hasn't been good so I think best for you to see an OMS.
I don't have any practical information but I just wanted to wish you well because your situation sounds so frustrating. I recently had extractions and dentures and I went through alot with a dentist who wouldn't listen to any of my concerns. I was going back constantly and he was actually angry with me! In the end I sought a second opinion and changed dentists and it made a world of difference. I had two more appointments and all my problems and concerns were sorted out. I hope your problems are resolved soon!
I'm having the same issue with my sinuses and eating or drinking anything comes out of my nose, its not a pleasant feeling to have to pick food out of your nose. I think that anything that could have gone wrong with my extractions has gone wrong, I saw the dentist less than a week ago and told him everything I put in my mouth was coming out of my nose and he looked back and said no its closed up, I can feel the hole with my tongue and its the size of a pencil eraser, and I think I know if I have everything coming through there, so no help from him and I'm not sure what else I can do about this? Any help would be greatly appreciated!:shame: