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Sinus Perforation after Wisdom Teeth Extraction



Former Member
Hi everyone,

I had all four of my wisdom teeth extracted 10 days ago, and I am now experiencing what I believe is a sinus perforation. I do not have any pain, but I can feel a communication of air between the upper left extraction site and my nose, and when I use the provided irrigation syringe in that spot, the water comes out of my nose. How big of an issue is this? Will it require surgery? I have a follow up appointment scheduled with my surgeon in a few days, but I am anxious in the meantime. I am also supposed to leave to study abroad a week from tomorrow. Will I still be able to go?

Thank you in advance for your help.

Hi, apparently, "99% of the time any oral/sinus connection will spontaneously repair itself and needs no intervention at all, the remainder are a simple bit of surgery to fix" (quoting Gordon who is a dentist). So it's unlikely to require surgery, but if you're worried about leaving to study abroad next week, why not give your oral surgeon a call and ask?