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Sinus perforation



Junior member
Jul 6, 2015
I recently had upper molar extraction followed by dental implant. Dentist also did sinus lift and bone grafting.
During sinus lift, he said there was sinus membrane perforation and he repaired. Now three days later, I am seeing bloody mucous in my mouth every now and then,with graft material in it. I am exteremly worried and depressed. My dentist told me that bloody mucous will stop, once the graft material clears out.
Please advice, does this happen during these procedures. What are my options.

Hello Sanman1,

There is a 10% risk of perforating the sinus membrane during sinus lifts. If there has been a tear in the membrane, then there is a possibility that some of it can drop into the sinus. Not a problem here, because your body has a way of clearing the graft material! There is blood because there was bleeding into the sinus and that is why you see blood in the mucous.
It is really important that you do not blow your nose, use a straw, sneeze and pinch your nose ok!! This is extremely important others you will open up that repair and the sinus lift may fail. Take your antibiotics which is usually augmentin.

The sinus membrane will take about 3 weeks to seal off so in the meantime, follow the postoperative instructions given word by word and you should be ok. Tearing of the sinus membrane is very common and usually will not affect the outcome of the treatment.
Thank you very much gentaldental. I am feeling relieved after reading your reply. Thanks for the istructions too which I will follow...