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Sinus pressure/hurts after top wisdom teeth extraction? -help



Junior member
Jun 14, 2017
I got all four of my wisdom teeth out on Monday, 6/12. It's now day six and I'm noticing lots of sinus pressure. I don't have air coming out of my nose or water coming up my nose while I drink- just some major pressure. It does go away with some pain pills. I'm just worried- is this normal since my top wisdom teeth were very impacted or something more? I am going to schedual an appointment on Monday to see if everything is okay up there. But could someone, anyone, give my mind some peace?
I have the same symptoms...are you feeling better now?
It's always a good thing to have this stuff checked out. In a lot of cases, the sinuses are very close to your teeth. This could cause pain in teeth to be felt in your sinuses and the other way around. In my case, it seems that I feel sinus pressure in my teeth. Maybe simply calling them and explaining them your situation might get you a better explanation.

As anyone mentioned something regarding your sinuses?