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Six days after tooth abstraction



Junior member
Jan 29, 2018
So it's been 6 days since my lower molar was pulled. I still have slight pain but my question is is that I did have the white spots where it seemed to be healing but now they are gone and it's just black. It's not swollen and the pain is probably at a 4 on the scale. Also the site still tastes funny. I'm still being sensitive to how I eat and rinse but is it normal for the white spots to disappear? And now it looks like it's not closing.
Hi. I'd say go in and have him just LOOK at it. You don't want to risk a dry socket! I had mine extracted 2 days ago and I have no pain. The site looks dark red to pink. Better safe than sorry! Best of luck!
no two mouths are the same. Healing is different for everyone. I had two wisdoms pulled at different times by the SAME dentist and each tooth extraction site healed completely different. One took way longer than the other. I say all of this to say it wouldn't hurt to have your dentist check it however it's not abnormal to have some mild pain 6 days later either.