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Six months in



Junior member
Jan 24, 2022
New Jersey
I'm six months after four zygomatic implants and I am now on my third set of temporary teeth and waiting for the final set to be made.

Surprisingly, after surgery I had very little pain, a bit uncomfortable but no real pain, I just took some Tylanol after the first day. I did have bruzing, but it went away after a week or so.

I had some worries about what was happening and if everything was alright with the implants like should I be feeling them under my skin when I press there. I was assured everything was fine.

The most difficult part is trying to get my speech correct. But, after every new set of temporary sets, three so far, it's getting better. I was assured by the prosthodontist that she won't be satisfied until my speech pattern is correct and that I'm happy also, regardless of how many sets need to be made.

I trust them wholeheartedly because they have been great so far.

I would have no problem recommending these type of implants to anyone considering having it done.

Being that there are so few people that have had this done it's hard to speak to someone as to what to expect. So go to a qualified surgeon, preferably one that also has a lab on site so adjustments to the temporary teeth can be made while you wait.

Your regular dentist should be able to recommend one or find a skilled surgeon for you.

Good luck and Smile.