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Six unit bridge for front teeth?


Toothless Bob

Junior member
Jan 5, 2021
San Francisco, CA
Hi, what are your thoughts about a bridge that spans the top six front teeth (canine to canine)? Would you recommend that long of a bridge? I heard I should stick with a denture but am having problems with my partial denture and don't like that it's removable. (I'm terrified of it coming out unexpectedly.) Thanks!
Nope. 6 unit single bridge across the midline is asking for trouble later.

How many missing teeth and which ones?
Thank you, Gordon. What kind of trouble may it cause? I am currently missing the four top front teeth (will likely need more out in the future).
It'll cause the abutment teeth (the canines in this case) to suffer because of the stresses across the midline. The chances are you'll lose them fairly quickly as well.
It would be better to make 2x3 unit bridges, to break the stress a bit, but you're still asking a lot of the 2 canines to support 2 missing teeth.
Obviously depends a lot on your specific individual circumstances, root surface of the canines, amount of bone loss, closeness of bite, age etc, but these are general rules.