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SIX W.T. GONE - with IV anesthesia - - SUCCESSFUL =] after putting it off for 12 YEARS!



Junior member
Jan 18, 2014
SIX W.T. GONE - with IV anesthesia - - SUCCESSFUL ;D after putting it off for 12 YEARS!

I found this site this week during my frantic searches for any type of comfort leading up to my wisdom tooth extraction that was done this AM. I found a particular post here that helped to ease my fears a bit and vowed to come back and post my story in hopes of helping someone else. I have been told I needed my wisdom teeth out since I was 16 and waited until today at the age of 28. From the age of 18-24 I did not see a dentist due to no insurance, during which time two of my wisdom teeth came in; I began going back to the dentist at 24 when I got a full time job with benefits. My dentist consistently emphasized for 4 years the importance of me getting my wisdom teeth out, not only because they don't advise for you to keep them, but also because I have SIX. Yes, SIX. This is an anxious, worried person's nightmare (4 impacted, 2 completely through - the extra two were on the top above my two wisdom teeth that had broke through). I made appointments and cancelled them three times in four years, with today being my fourth SUCCESSFUL appointment. Personally, my biggest fears were being put under sedation as I never have before and was literally scared of never waking again, being out of control when I woke up (stupid YOUTUBE videos ;)) and not remembering most of my day as some have said that has happened to them. I do not like to not have control or be in control of myself. The pain wasn't a huge fear for me, although I did begin to obsess a little bit about dry socket. Now I promise I am not crazy but I decided to do a few things so that I would hold myself accountable and keep the appointment because I owed it to myself and my future self who would suffer even worse: I put some positive thoughts out into the universe, or just thought positively in general. I literally compartmentalized the fear. Rather than thinking about all that WOULD GO WRONG (I just KNEW it haha), I chose to envision everything going fine and I envisioned the things I was most fearful about going exactly the opposite of what I was scared of when I thought about the surgery (you know everyday, every hour, all week). I also made a post on Facebook admitting my fears so all that know and love me, as well as see me regularly would know I had an appointment and I would feel some sort of obligation not to sweep it under the rug AGAIN. I got so much positive feedback, absolutely no horror stories and my anxiety decreased SIGNIFICANTLY that night. Searching the internet can be a horrible idea for someone who worries and/or is anxious (but I can't say that I stopped, however I did try to make my searches specific so I wouldn't come across all the terror). So now that you have the back story, I should let you know that I had the surgery 13 hours ago and it went great. I was a bit anxious and on edge in the AM before I got to the oral surgeon's, but nothing too crazy. I will be honest and say that when I did get back into the room before surgery I did cry a bit as two people who had just had teeth removed were both experiencing my fears - GO FIGURE (patient 1 was totally dazed and confused and just smiling and asking "it's done already" over and over again haha, and patient 2 woke up breathing fast and crying - both were FINE I must add). So, as I said, I cried. Not sobbing, uncontrollable, running out of the office crying - but just tears of fear. Within a minute I was fine. It's OK to cry, it usually helps! The nurses were so sweet and reassuring. They also treated the whole thing like they do it every (which they do) which also helped. Within 5-10 minutes of being in the chair the IV was in, the oxygen was on my nose, there was a little monitor on my throat for a nurse to listen to my breathing and I had a hairnet haha... I was then told to "pick my dream" as the doctor added the anesthesia and then I remember waking up asking "how long did it take?" Within 5 minutes of waking up I walked to the recovery section, the nurse got my husband, instructions were provided and I walked to the car. I knew what I was saying. I knew what I was doing, and I remember the whole day. Honestly, I don't want to jinx myself, but I feel decent. There was a little pain earlier, currently none now, most of the numbing is gone and the bleeding has stopped. I know this could change, but I am choosing to envision manageable, bearable pain. All I have done is follow the instructions. This is SO important. I have spent the day resting - not sleeping because I'm not tired, but laying on the couch (I also made sure I got at least 8 hours of sleep the night before), I am using ice off and on as told, I have only eaten cold food and I am making sure I eat and drink liquids regularly to keep my strength, I also am taking my medications on schedule to stay ahead of the pain (I have chosen to take them 6 hours apart rather than 4 as 4-6 was the option and take 1 of the painkillers instead of two as 1-2 was the option, but will change it up if I need to). I suggest writing when you take your medications down so you don't lost track, I have Ibuprofen, a painkiller, and tomorrow I start prednisone for 5 days to help with swelling (which currently I don't have but know it comes later). I also did find some tips online for different methods to use for drinking (using a squirt bottle and squirting it in your mouth, this has helped with the carnation instant breakfast's I have been eating) and different foods to purchase; surprisingly some of the stuff you find online does actually help haha. Tonight my plan is to wake up in the middle of the night and take my medication on schedule and go from there. The best part of this WHOLE experience is that I feel really good about myself. I chose to handle this situation differently then most other experiences that cause fear in me, and it has worked so far. I feel accomplished. I don't want anyone to think I am cocky, I am not.... but I am someone who has feared, obsessed and worried about everything their ENTIRE life and just did something I have been putting off for 12 years that was SO SCARY TO ME. YOU CAN DO IT TOO. You really can. I sympathize so much with all of you who are fearful, I get it 100%, but I also have so much faith in you!:jump: