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size and position of temporaries



Mar 27, 2008
Hello! Well I finally made it to the dentist (I will post full details later) but I have a couple questions regarding temporaries that I hope someone can answer.

I had two implants placed for my upper canines and will have 6 crowns across the top front teeth (among other procedures). When I met with the dentist, I told him that I wanted the shape of my teeth and the gumline improved, but that I didn´t want to have bigger or longer teeth.

Yesterday I had the temporaries placed on my top teeth, and they look and feel awful. They are about 3mm longer on the bottom and give me a much more pronounced overbite than with my old teeth due to projecting further forward in my mouth. They also feel very thick and affect my speaking. I only need to have them in for a couple weeks, so if this is normal I´ll just deal with it, but I´m worried what this might mean that my permanents...

So my questions: Are temporaries normally placed further forward in the mouth than the permanent crowns? And is the size/shape of the temporary indicative of what the permanents will be like or am I worrying needlessly?

I´m afraid while they seemed to be listening to me, that they may be going with their preferences for a toothy Hollywood smile vs. my preference of more natural smile. I plan to talk to the dentist or technician today if possible but it would be helpful to have any advice, reassurance, or warnings from the DFC dentist or patients!

I´ll answer my own question since I now know the answer, plus I realized there were similar posts already answered that I didn´t find due to my state of panic.

I talked to a few people at the dental office and they all said the fit of the temporaries do not indicate how the permanents will fit. I asked them to file them down a little so they weren´t as long and the result was much better - I didn´t feel like I needed to speak with my teeth clenched and my bottom lip wasn´t getting stuck behind them any more.

The lab was able to finish my permanents sooner than expected and the dentist placed them yesterday afternoon. First he put them in without cement and had me look in the mirror and let him know what I thought, and I asked him to file them down a little more and change the angle ever so slightly before the final glazing. A few hours later they were placed and although it took a little while for me to not feel really weird looking in the mirror, I´m very happy with the result. They are a little bigger than my teeth used to be, and the dentist explained to me that because previously I had crowding, plus baby canines and very small lateral incisors, they had to push my arch out a little bit in order to align my teeth and to be able to fit crowns that were more proportional to my other teeth. Seems totally obvious now, but I didn´t think about that before, as I was being consumed by fear of winding up with massive chiclet teeth. Will post photos later!