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Sjogrens syndrome - dentures or save teeth?



Junior member
Aug 27, 2021
I am in my 50s and unfortunately battle an auto-immune disorder which has taken a toll on my teeth. I am now stuck. I have a horrible time with extractions yet have had several over the past several years. I have 8 teeth left on upper and 4 of them are now bad needing root canals. The dentist believes I should just get the remaining 8 out and go for dentures while the oral surgeon told me to hang on to my real teeth as long as I possibly can. I have no idea what to do. I don't have a plan and even these experts don't really have a plan for me. Spending money on 4 root canals and crowns is super expensive and may not even last. How do I solve this? Really down and out. Thanks
Can't really answer given the lack of information you've provided, sorry.
You might not be comfortable posting these answers in public, which is fine of course.

1) What teeth exactly do you have and which need the root canals?
2) Do you wear a denture at the moment and if so how do you get along with it?
3) Which auto-immune disorder, are you taking meds for it and what are they?
4) How far into your 50s are you?
5) What are you prepared to do to keep teeth? Change diet fairly radically? Change your brushing/cleaning habits?
Hi Thanks for reply
1) 5,6,7,12 need root canals according to dentist. Luckily still have front teeth.
2) No dentures
3)Sjogrens syndrome but also chronic lyme. Been awful.
4) 57
5) I have tried rinses, fluoride, on and on and on. I floss daily. I brush 3x a day. I try like mad.
Once I turned 50, all hell broke loose. I have lost 9 teeth since then. I have 8 left on top and 10 on bottom. Dentist wants me to try to keep bottom.
I have severe anxiety with dental work now due to all the trauma but what the heck to do is troubling. I have terrible problems with extractions in they take weeks to heal. I do not know if an implant will take in my body and I think the oral surgeon is concerned. Also, I can no way take 8 teeth out at once. Not a chance.
Appreciate any advice.
Thanks. A few random thoughts then, hopefully some help for you.

The Sjogren's is a big issue. You'll have a chronic dry mouth and lack of saliva means that the teeth won't be remineralised properly when you have eaten. Hence decay can get out of hand very quickly.
Changing your diet to reduce carb consumption drastically will help reduce the decay rate, (brushing flossing etc does very little to reduce decay). It's nearly all down to diet. A fluoride rinse after every meal might be an idea.

Going from mostly natural teeth to a full upper denture is a massive step, so it would have been nice if you'd worn a partial denture before :) Moving to an intermediate partial denture on the top may be an option if the finances work out for you.

Things are going to get very difficult if you lose your bottom teeth, your dentist is quite correct in trying to get you to hold onto them.

The lack of saliva will mean that a denture will have poor retention and lack of lubrication will also make a denture uncomfortable to wear :(

Implants will be a challenge too, although they're not totally out of the question.
Just to add - I recently came across a really good page with tips for dry mouth and stimulating saliva flow from the Johns Hopkins Sjögren's Center:

Thanks Gordon.

I am literally doing everything possible. I really suffer after extractions so oral surgeon says 2 at a time should be the max. I really do not have a plan. I guess for now I am going to do my best and hold on until I can no longer stand it and do 2 at a time once that time comes. I am really in a predicament and none of the options are good. I am having a very hard time accepting dentures.
I am deeply concerned about losing teeth roots that support jaw. None of this is good. I may go get another opinion too.