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Slight bit of pain--is this normal?



Oct 30, 2008
I had 6 teeth extracted (including all 4 wisdom) on March 11.

Sometimes when I chew, if I hit the gum where I had the extractions, it hurts a little, feels like bruising. It's more annoying than anything.

It does not hurt if I poke it with my finger, though.

Is this normal?

Nothing to worry about here. Most likely cause is a sharp bit of bone under the gum from the edge of one of the sockets. If this is the case it will slowly dissolve away.
Another possiblility is a tiny splinter of dead bone is being ejected from the healing socket. This can be quite tender as it comes to the surface but is fine once the bit is ejected.
If it persists or gets worse get it checked.
Thanks drhrist. By glancing at your post, I’ve got my doubts cleared. Even I’m suffering form that sort of pain.
Alexandra, if it makes you feel any better I can tell you that I had just one molar removed 4 weeks ago and mine is still tender too. I still have one side of the socket that is not fully healed but most of it is. It's exactly as you say, it feels like a bruise.