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Sligo, O'Connor and Moore Dental Pratice


joe 123

Junior member
Aug 17, 2010
oconnors in sligo

:jump:This is the first time i have ever reviewed anything on the internet but after getting sedation in oconnors I feel i have to share with others who may be petrified like me.
I havnt been to the dentist in years as i had a bad experience when i was younger and i come out in a cold sweat even thinking about it.
i found oconnors on the internet and it had been highly recomended so i forced my self to ring them and make an appointment.

As soon as i was talking to them I was reassured.They were really friendly and assured me they would only be talking and discussing my treatment on the first visit.
I was still nervous arriving at the surgery but somehow patrick quickly put me at my ease.I could tell from the way he listened to me and the way he was so gentle when he examined my mouth that i was in good hands He asked me about my dental past to understand what it was that scared me.
I was butchered by a dentist who wouldnt stop even though the injection didnt work.He explained to me they have a policy that if you want to stop you just raise your hand and he stops straight away
It was nice that someone took the time to really understand my fears .

Anyway i left feeling much better but still the night before i didnt sleep much worrying.
when i actually went to get the work done it all seemed to happen so quickly.
i arrived in the surgery slightly late and while i was apologising he just laughed and said it gave him time for a morning coffee and not to worry.
with his nurse he gave me a small injection in my arm and the next thing i remember it was all over.
he said i was awake and giggling for the whole thing but i cant remember anything.
i got 2 teeth out and 4 front fillings and i still cant believe it.
my toothache is gone and i can smile again (i used to cover my mouth when i smiled i was so embaressed about my front teeth)
I cant explain how great this sedation is .It just made such a difference to me i want to share it with anyone else who is as nervous as i am
I would have no hesitation in recommending Patrick and the team. I became a patient of Dr Patrick O’Connor when I returned home in 2001. I am an extremely nervous patient after several traumatic incidents with a dentist when I was a child. I had tried attending other dentists trying to find someone who would understand my fears and help me get through the necessary process of attending the dentist. A friend recommended Patrick because of his experience with nervous patients. I can only describe the care I receive from Patrick and his team as outstanding. He is excellent with nervous patients. He is extremely thoughtful and sensitive to patient needs, always listens carefully to anxieties and concerns. In addition, he explains procedures thoroughly. He takes time to know his patients and their needs.
Earlier this year while heavily pregnant, I attended Patrick with a filling which had cracked- he recommended Cerec. When my baby was six weeks old, I attended for the procedure. It took after two and a half hours; the results are excellent. I was so impressed with the advanced technology. I watched as my tooth was rebuilt; while Patrick patiently and generously answered all my questions about the technology and the procedure. The tooth itself is a perfect match with my other teeth. This is a lifetime job; my bite is much better than it was before and this tooth is here to stay. Thank you Patrick and Caroline- as always it was a joy! Carol Gardiner, Sligo

Patrick O'Connor
O'Connor Moore Dental Practice
Wine Street
Tel: 071 9162622
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