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Slowly getting all bad rotted front teeth done



Junior member
Sep 4, 2017
I had 3 dentists tell me I needed all my top teeth pulled. Not happy I went to a 4th and he's been awesome. He tells it how it is, but also is drilling out my decay and putting tooth colored resin composite in its place.

Not 1 hr ago I got the 2nd Tooth done. At first he told me the decay was so close to my nerve that I may need to choose between root canal and extraction. It's my 2nd to front tooth so no I do not want it yanked out of at all possible.

Somehow the tooth gods were with me and it went fine (though a bit of drilling pain despite 3 novocain shots) and I now have a "new" tooth.

Sadly its 25% my real tooth and 75% composite so I'm not sure how much biting I'll be able to do ever again. The backs mostly all need taken out so I'll be living with composite teeth in front and nothing in the back at some point.

He let me know my new tooth is about as strong as Hard candy so I need to ensure I don't bite anything hard or hit my mouth on anything. I won't be able to get it redone if it breaks, I'm sure. :cry:

For now I'm glad to be getting "teeth" back. Having rotted nasty front teeth has been rough on my self esteem.

How can I keep them strong? Any and all ideas are appreciated.
at least your getting work done because putting it off any long with dental work can become very serious very quickly. There is always dental implants out there for people with missing teeth and they dont get as much problems.