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Small, bony lump on gums, painful to touch.



Junior member
Feb 9, 2016
So, this is a bit of a long story, but a few months ago, I had a large growth that showed up on the side of my neck. It was horribly painful and only lasted for maybe 2 or 3 days. The doctor tossed me on some antibiotics and it finally went away. Soon after, I had incredible tooth pain for maybe a day in total. In the same tooth where the bump has appeared at the very top of my gums. I ended up going to the hospital because I couldn't take the pain. They gave me pain meds and told me to go to the dentist asap. Soon after, I started to feel a weird sensation whenever I would scratch the left side of my nose. At first, I thought it was something up in my sinuses. I went to the ENT last month, finally, and he said the inside of my left nostril is swollen on the inside. He gave my nose drops and sent me home. A few days later, I felt the sensation when scratching my nose was more intense. I thought it was strange and decided to check up in my gums instead. At the very, very top of my gums where they attach to my lips, I discovered a small, bony feeling bump. I can't see it when flashing a light up there and it only hurts when I touch it. I went to the dentist for it and he took some antibiotics and felt it. He said that it feels like bone and that the tooth is sensitive to percussion. He saw no signs of infection in the xrays, but referred me to an endodontist. The problem is, since then, my insurance has been cut off. :( So, now I'm sitting here, worrying about this bump. The dentist didn't tell me what he thinks it could be and I don't know what to do. Any ideas on what this could be? Is it an abscess? I have no fever, no swelling, no pain, and like I said, it only hurts when I touch it. I don't have any photos because the bump isn't visible at all. Please help!
I'm the same at the minute, I went to the dentist after chipping a tooth and I could also feel this painful to touch lump at the top of my gum, and he said it needed root canal or extraction. After a bad experience with a root canal I chose extraction, this was 2 weeks ago. Today I touched the area to see if it was healing okay and the lump is still there, now it's throbbing a little bit. It's hard to touch, I have one the other side but it's not as inflamed as this one and it doesn't hurt to touch on the other side, I'm so confused :(