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Small broken part of filling and looks brown inside. Is this decay?



Dec 4, 2013
Hello my name is James and from about age 5 I have suffered from bad dental phobia and stopped going to the dentist from about age 10 to 21. At 21 I took on my fear and got 21 fillings and 2 root canals done under IV sedation. Since then I've been maintaining my teeth without IV and have had 2 repairs done and also 2 new fillings. So as you might of guessed my mouth was pretty bad before but now it's healthy but also covered in fillings.

However recently a small corner of one of my larger fillings has broken off and I feel a little discomfort with it and sometimes a deep pain that comes and goes. My question is if your guess is if it's just a broken filling or if this one is through decay. My other 2 repairs were done on a tooth that's root canaled so I felt nothing with it. One other small thing is in the tiny gap in my tooth it looks brown and that worries me my damaged tooth is now even more damaged inside. I'm about to phone my dentist in a few hours when it opens and get a appointment as quick as I can to get it sorted whatever it is. Normally my dentist is quick to fit me in as I've he has been helping me overcome my fears and making sure I'm well looked after. However I find it's helpful to me to have a idea on what might happen in my appointment.

So please leave any thoughts of helpful words to keep me focused and to have a idea on what I can expect at my appointment.

Thanks in advanced.


Junior member
Mar 13, 2016
I've had your condition before where part of my previously filled tooth fell off. Since I had no pain, it only took one visit for the dentist to redo the filling. Before doing the filling the dentist did an x-ray to see if there's any cavity and poked around to check if there's any pain. You are right to visit the dentist rightaway to prevent the tooth from developing another cavity. It will be fine and I guess it's just gonna be a simple procedure not as complicated as the root canal. Good luck!