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Small brown line near new filling - so worried



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Mar 9, 2022
Hi! I got a filling last month and today I was eating a salad and I felt something hard in my mouth. I immediately panicked and went to the bathroom and saw this brown line at the edge of the filling.
  • It could have been there before today, but I know it's new since I got the filling.
  • I think I may have eaten a small pepper or cucumber seed, and it was hard.
  • I am so worried my tooth broke or something or my cavity is coming back.
  • Can this be normal at all? I am so scared. Picture is attached.
  • I will also note, I have a cleaning scheduled in 10 days. Should I call the dentist or can this wait until then? Anything I should look out for?


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I am not a dentist so hopefully one will hop in and reassure you, but it doesn’t look like a crack to me. I have cracks in my teeth and they run along the tooth and are not really brown. That kind of looks like a stain to me. I get those in the deeper spots in my teeth.
It looks like some stain between the filling and the tooth. I wouldn't panic about it, just ask when you go in next time.