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Small, hard, painless lump on gums.



Former Member
This morning I woke up and found a small hard lump just under a tooth in the middle of the left bottom side of my gums. Im not sure what it is but after looking it up im scared it might be an abscess or something.

I went to the dentist for a checkup about a week ago and he said there was only one filling needed which is in a completely different place. Surely he would have spotted if something was wrong then?

The lump isn't very visible but i can feel it with my tongue and finger.

I have the appointment to get my tooth filled in 3 weeks time, so I can't see the dentist until then. Could anyone tell me what this might be?
Hi there
Is the lump on the tongue side, in the region of your premolars (the bicuspids)- (which are the ones just in front of the big back molar teeth)?
If so-it is possible that you have mandibular torus- these are painless swelling of the bone and are completely harmless. They are very common. The photo on https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Torus_mandibularis shows an extreme example- most people just get small lumps- which they are usually unaware of, until they are feeling around one day and suddenly notice. I get worried patients every so often who have found them. I always point them out during checkups so that people know that they have them and that they are harmless.
It would still be a good idea to get your dentist to check this out- as I am just guessing that this may be what it going on.
Dr Mike
No, the lump is on the outside of my gums, in the middle of the left side. It is now much bigger than it was earlier and much less solid. It is more irritating now but still not painful.

I can't really see anything when i look at it.. it might be a bit more red and it is right at the bottom of the gums.
OK- well it could be any one of a number of things.
it is possible that it is an abscess- even although there is no pain. do you have fillings in the teeth in that area?
yes I have a small filling in one tooth next to it. It seems to have spread out a lot more I'm starting to think it is gingivitis, I think I have had it before.
yes- gingivitis could cause a localised swelling as well.if the filling is small, an abscess is unlikely.
call your dentist tomorrow and ask for an appointment to get it looked at
in the meantime, some mouthwash may help
Ok, thanks for the info. I have an appointment for a filling in about 3 weeks, would it be ok to leave it until then? It does seem to be going down.

I think its strange that i am getting gingivitus since i brush my teeth twice a day thoroughly, use mouth wash and i dont eat many sugary things.
Keep an eye on it, and if it doesn't get any worse- then your appointment will be fine.
Gingivitis can flare up for a number of reasons- it could even have been caused by a sharp crisp (potato chip), or a bump from a toothbrush.