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Small piece of tooth removed from old extraction site is still causing pain



Junior member
Oct 5, 2016
Just recently I had to visit my dentist as I was feeling pain in an old extraction site back molar (extracted 4 years ago), I have an implant (2years ago) which is right next to the site. I had noticed a small area dead center in the extraction site had opened up and what looked like bone was showing and was causing a dull ache. I went to the dentist and he x rayed it and showed me a vertical shard of tooth that was just breaking the gum. He then injected me with pain killers and removed it with a small cut and a fine funneled instrument. Now this was bothering me before with an aching stabbing feeling however I am still in pain three days later. He told me he got it out and didn't do another x ray. Is it just something that takes time to heal as it was not sutured as it's still really bugging me. I could go back to see this guy but I've lost faith in him somewhat. It tends to ache more after I eat or drink hot or cold drinks. Any advise would be cool. Thanks.
Re: Small piece of tooth removed from old extraction site is still causing pain

Since examining this more I've determined by backtracking that the culprit is TMJ. Reason: The periodontist that has done my implants recently told me I needed a deep filling upper right, he proceeded to just start drilling, I stopped him, whoa "are you kidding me dude" numb the area first, I mean like really!!!. He replaced the dark filling with a clear one and looks much better, but, it's caused major sensitivity and some bite issues so Ive been loading my jaw on the left which has caused the wind up on my right. After going through some TMJ exercises yesterday it's really eased of. I also have ear ringing as well and snap shut jaw which for me all points to TMJ. Anyway I've requested my records to pick up from him and will see my fiances dentist. My periodontist has placed two implants a crown perfectly but he's lousy at fillings so I'll leave that to someone better. Just realized I've solved my own dilemma ha ha...:grin::grin::respect: