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Small white hard lump in lower gum



Junior member
Jun 9, 2015
Hello everybody, i'm new here.

I just wanted to ask your opinion on what this little white lump is. I don't know for how long it's been there, probably a few week, or maybe even months. It's not in an area i can easily access, but i just stumbled upon it some time ago by touching it with my tongue. It's really hard, almost feels like part of the tooth, and does not hurt at all. The gums above it though, feel somewhat swollen, even though they don't hurt per se, either. Just a slight pressure in the tooth when i touch them with my tongue.

I might have some mild gingivitis, because the gums themselves don't look quite right, but i'm not sure, since i've had them like this for quite some time, and haven't been particularly attentive to other people's gums to know the difference. :giggle: They do bleed a bit when washing my teeth, but that wasn't a big concern for me, because i remember that happening even in my childhood (i'm 29 now).

Maybe some of you guys can shed some light on my condition. I'm not really that concerned in order to make a dentist appointment yet, and i'm not very comfortable with them either. So i thought maybe i should ask around here first, and see if it's something more serious.


PS: the size of that picture is the closest thing to actually having someone's face in my mouth, so i think everything should be really clear :)


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I have something similar on the inside of my front teeth. Dentist never said anything to me about it so I'm assuming it's not anything too bad. I read that it could be a bone growth - not a bad thing to have, just happens.

As for bleeding gums, that is BAD. Your gums SHOULD NOT bleed when flossing or brushing them. That's a sign of gum disease (and I have that myself), so please take care of that issue!
Hmm, as far as i understand that kind of bone growth can only appear on the back of the gums, not the front. So what you have is probably the real thing. Also, can a bone growth appear just like that? You just notice that at some point in the recent past, a bone just grew in your gum...?
Anyone else experience this? Thanks