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Smile Dental Services Clinic Bulgaria



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May 18, 2016
Has anyone used the implant dentist in Sofia (Bulgaria) called Smile Dental Services Clinic
I'm thinking of going, I'm in the uk
I've got a mega fear of dentists, but I've got to do something
And this seems to be all over in a week when you get there.
I am absolutely petrified. And it's 7.5k which is a lot of money
I'm going to have to get dentures until I've got the money as my teeth are so bad!
It's really bad what I'm going through at moment and I'm so low in mood, not quite suicidal yet but that's just a yet, I'm up and down.
I have a few moments thinking I can do this then I go back to I can't face it.
I'm so depressed I can't think straight and every time one of my failing loose teeth moves my heart starts to race.
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Hi helpme12 :welcome:,

So sorry to hear that you're feeling so depressed over your teeth, and so petrified of seeing a dentist :(.

Generally speaking, there are many pitfalls when it comes to getting dental treatment abroad - please have a read of this thread: Dental Tourism - Good or Bad Idea?

It's not a good idea to rely on positive reviews on the Internet (or even from friends), as problems sometimes can take a while to surface. So someone may be delighted initially, but that doesn't mean that a few years down the road they'll still be happy.

Also, while implants are a brilliant invention, they're not the best solution for everyone and only a dentist who has seen you can help you decide what would be best for you. The most expensive solution isn't always the best solution - it really depends on your individual circumstances. So before jumping to conclusions as to what could or should be done, the first step really should be to get one or more opinions from someone who has seen you in person. We have some tips for finding the right dentist on this page: How to find the right dentist

Keeping my fingers crossed for you

(PS I've removed the link to the clinic in Bulgaria you posted - hope you don't mind!)
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Also do remember that you would need to go back to Bulgaria for any follow up appointment or would need to find a local dentist that would accept to continue the care of the work of another dentist, which could be difficult.
As letsconnect mentioned, it might be better to work with a local dentist that you can trust and feel great working with to get you back to a stable and healthy dental situation.
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Hi @Crazbyc, thank you for your review. We received a request from the clinic manager to delete your review as in their opinion, it was defamatory.

For anyone considering dental tourism, again, please have a look at this thread which outlines some of the dangers and pitfalls of going abroad for dental treatment:

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Hi @Afraid of pain, I understand that you are unhappy with the outcome of your implant surgery, but we have received a complaint from the clinic officer asking us to delete your review. Sorry about that.

For anyone considering the basal implant system (also known as BOI implants or BOI disc implants), which is used in some clinics in Eastern Europe and India, make sure you do a Google search first, with your eyes wide open. You may want to use Google translate for results in languages other than English, in particular forums where people discuss their problems with these types of implants.

Also, be aware that this implant system is not used in countries such as the UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, etc.

On one website, I came across the following brief analysis:

Basal implants were created by a French dentist in 1972. They went through several stages of development by other researchers and found their real application mainly in Eastern European countries in the 1990s.

And since we guess you, just as we, are not experts on basal implants, we decided to look up for verified information on basal implants on the Internet. While researching online, the main load of information streams from clinics that actually offer them. Without any significant success finding a serious and validated scientific information, several questions popped up…

  1. Why can’t we find anything about “basal implants” on Wikipedia???!!! Wikipedia has information on anything but not basal implants, hmmm!
  2. It seems that basal implants are not taught anywhere in medical universities! Does this mean that they are not supported by official medical science??? Then how did those doctors who offer them gain their skills???
  3. Why aren’t basal implants FDA certified in the USA and not available there??? Are Americans stupid??? Try yourself – open a browser and look for an implant clinic you want in any US state – you would not find basal implants on offer anywhere in the US.
  4. Why don’t serious implant manufacturers like Straumann offer such implants??? Maybe they are bothered by something?

In short, basal implants don't seem to be a mainstream technique, and feedback from dentists I've asked has been less than favourable.

For anyone who is contemplating having dental treatment abroad, again, please have a look at this thread: