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Smiles Better, Kings Lynn Norfolk UK



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Oct 1, 2010
In dental heaven
I have written elsewhere on this site about this practice, but now feel it worth giving them a plug in this section in the hope that it may help others in this area of England.

I found this practice on an internet search; after many months of procrastination and soul searching I chose this place out of a two horse race for the following reasons:

A) The practice had an outward appearance that could be likened to that of a hairdressing salon, all staff including dentists and nurses wear very attractive black tunics that make them look like masseurs, and dentists and nurses wear clear shields, so you can see their faces throughout. The reception area has nice leather chairs, a rug and light tables, so no nasty dental things to be off-putting on first entry. Drinks are available, along with the usual magazines.

B) The practice is a very short walk from Kings Lynn railway station and bus stops, so very convenient for public transport. It is all on one level, with flat wide access, so fine for wheelchairs. There is no dedicated car parking, though this can be found nearby in a supermarket which gives a few hours use or buy something to cover longer stays.

The dentist I used (who is also their suggested paediatric dentist, and the reason I chose her) is a lovely Lebanese(??) lady named Sameera Teli. She has the highest levels of professionalism I have ever been privilleged to avail myself of, and is unflappingly charming, keeping one informed of what is going on and giving breaks as needed. Another nice touch was the heated massaging chair........

The only things to warn of are: most of the treatment rooms are "inside" with no window, so any claustrophobics might find this place unsuitable for this reason. The "suggested" waiting area is right by a treatment room where noises can be heard, so request to sit in the front reception area which is nicer anyway and plenty of light in there. Also, getting appointments quickly with a particular dentist is very difficult; a month or more is typical.

Smiles Better are located at 76 & 77 Norfolk Street, Kings Lynn Norfolk PE30 1AD and their telephone number is (01553) 692296. They do have a website; it is www.smilesbetter.co.uk

When I last looked, a lot of the staff were not pictured on the site, although I am sure this will be updated in due course, though pictures of all staff apart from a couple of the male dentists I believe are up on display in the front reception area.

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