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Smoking marijuana after wisdom tooth extraction



Junior member
Aug 2, 2019
Hi everyone,

I’m day 5 post op. I’m improving finally but I’m still very concerned about dry socket. I had all four removed, including two impacted on the bottom.

My top sockets are almost completely closed, I do not worry about them, they barely trap food. My bottom right incision was once a gaping hole is now closed.. but my left incision, if you can call it that, is still wide open. It’s literally a dark gaping hole a few centimeters wide. It traps disgusting amounts of food debris, like I have to use the syringe 5-6 times just to be sure everything is out. It is so unappealing I actually dread eating until I can’t hold off.

Anyway, I’ve been dying to smoke a joint(marijuana). I do not smoke cigarettes. When will I be able to safely do so without being so paranoid? my paperwork only specifies for nicotine. As it’s just a black hole, I’ve never even seen the blood clot, for all I know it’s not there at all. But I have minimal pain, just a dull ache, and no blood.

When can I safely smoke an joint, and should I use gauze over the hole? Can my surgeon stitch this hole up? It hasn’t decreased in size in five days. Any advice is appreciated.
The risk period for dry socket is the first 48 hrs, go ahead and smoke if you want to. No reason to stitch the socket, it'll heal fine as the granulation tissue builds up.
@Gordon thanks Gordon, it’s difficult when your dentist tells you one thing and you read another. I’m really really disgusted by the amount of food that gets caught in there. I’ll be seeing the oral surgeon tomorrow. I understand. It’ll eventually heal, I’m just wondering if I can personally request my surgeon to close it for my comfortability?
No harm in asking, your surgeon will at least be able to actually look at the socket and see how it's healing, which obviously I can't do from here :)

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