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so close! sedation appt tomorrow!



Oct 23, 2009
new england, us
i have an appointment tomorrow. have to take 2 lorazepam at 7am. get to the office at 8:30am. hope to be done by 1 or 2pm! gah!! i can't believe it's finally happening! i was surprisingly calm all day today-almost excited to have it almost be over.

i'm getting a deep cleaning, a crown and 2 extractions (that will later be implants).

once this part is done...
i can enjoy thanksgiving. i can have a great time celebrating my oldest baby turning 2. i can celebrate christmas without this hanging over my head!!! it's been 7 years of worry, anxiety, frustration and fear.

this site has been my lifeline for the past few weeks! it's given me hope, strength, admiration and information. thank you to all that have posted questions, stories, triumphs, worries. to get support and understanding and no judgement is truly a gift.

hopefully after tomorrow i can post an update and move it to the success stories :o i'm praying for the strength to just get through this :)
while i'm at it, i'm going to write down my story. i've loved reading the stories, so if this helps just one person, i feel like i'm giving back just a little.

growing up, i saw the dentist that my parents and sisters saw. he was older and really nice. i had a filling on my 8th birthday, but it wasn't too bad. at some point, he started sharing his practice with a younger guy. a jerk. he'd make fun of your teeth and looked like a clown. i'm not sure when it was that i started getting anxious just thinking about going for a cleaning. still living with my parents, they'd set up appointments and i'd go. i never thought to ask for a new dentist. we'd even joke about how this new dentist made people feel bad and nervous. ugh, now that i have 2 girls of my own, i will make sure they feel 100% comfortable with any dentist, dr, professional they ever have to see. (not blaming my parents at all, by the way. they had no idea how far my anxiety would go!)

college. freshman year. i remember studying in bed one night and snacking. i felt something hard in my mouth and realized part of a back molar chipped off. i was horrified, terrified, never thought this ever happened to anyone (especially not someone my age!) didn't go to the dentist again until my senior year i think-the same clown guy. he kept telling me that i needed all my wisdom teeth out and waffled about if the chipped tooth was worth keeping or not. i had a deep filling filled and walked away giving him my promise that i'd call the oral surgeon.

never called. never went back to that dentist. a year later, had a root canal at a new practice (after months and months of fear and panic attacks at the thought of going to a dentist). never went back for the crown.

got pregnant with daughter #1 and kept saying that i'd go to the dentist after she was born. when she was 5 months old, i made an emergency appointment with my dad's new dentist to look at a badly decayed wisdom tooth that i was in agony over. emergency wisdom removal with nitrous. not bad at all and i said i'd definitely go back to get the other 3 out since the guy was great and the nitrous made it okay :) surprise, didn't go back.

got pregnant with daughter #2 unexpectedly and kept saying i'd go after she was born. she turned 5 months old TODAY and i have my appointment tomorrow! lol. funny how things work.

after too many nights rocking my babies to sleep and sweating with worry about going to the dentist someday.

after so many years of watching everyone i know go to appointment after appointment without so much as a quiver.

after almost having a panic attack at hearing my husband tell me he has a tooth ache and not knowing a-how he'll get through going to the dentist (he doesn't seem to have a problem that i know of, lol) and b-how I'LL get through him going to the dentist

after all the "just let me make it through my wedding day/graduation day/vacation/move/party/etc with no tooth problems"

i'm finally taking control and trying my hardest to kick this fear back where it belongs.

i can't even imagine the relief i'll have when i don't have this to worry about! i'm sure i'll think of something else...:rolleyes:

if you read this, i should give you a cookie. or beer. :cheers:
Corona light, double lime

Welcome to the club!

The sedation will make a huge difference for you, it gets me in "the chair"

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It's great to hear that you're finally putting an end to your worries! Your story sounds a lot like mine. I was also able to stay fairly calm, even at and during the appointment. It really helps things go more smoothly!

You're the one who deserves the cookie and/or beer! It's so hard to make that first appointment and let the dentist look inside your mouth for the first time. The rest will be easy (and think how great Thanksgiving will be!). :jump:

Congratulations! Let us know how everything goes!
k. 7:15am my time. just took 2 lorazepam. decided to sit and stop pacing. leaving in about an hour. i can do this i can do this i can do this.

thanks for the support!!
Good luck today, I hope the appointment meets your expectations, prepare to nap!
i'm home! i survived! though it was FAR from the experience i was expecting.

the motrin is finally kicking in so i have a little energy for an update

after the medicine at home (which just made me feel like i had a few too many drinks), my dad drove to the dentist. sat there and waited and got my liquid something-tasted horrible!

went back to the chair and got comfy. they did the root planing/scaling. this must have been the only time i was in and out-but i was definitely aware of everything going on. and i was my pulse was still high.

then the crown. knew what was going on, they had to numb me again and again. in some ways, it felt like the crown went fast, but i still wasn't relaxed or carefree.

THEN...supposed to have 2 extractions. the guy comes in (not my dentist who is female and was amazing through the whole thing) and wont start until my pulse lowers. all he tells me to do is deep breahting (grr, i'm trying) and finally get going. he said when he started it was almost 2. when i got up out of the chair to go to the bathroom, it was 4. he didn't tell me what was going on...why the stupid tooth wouldnt' come out. WHY it felt like he was breaking my jaw bone when he was diggin around.

with all that, he felt like i had been through enough today and let me leave with out getting the upper extraction done, b/c he says that one will be just as bad. question: the upper is a last molar that it broken down to the gum, i thought those were easy as pie to get out?

thanks for the support again! i'm so disappointed in the exerience on one hand, but so so so grateful that it's done! my teeth (from what i can see through the blood, lol) look amazingly clean and clear!!

i go back in a coupel weeks for the permanent crown. i honestly feel like just telling them to save their stupid drugs and give me nitrous. we'll see. could that combo of drugs just not done it for me?