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So depressed about teeth



Junior member
Feb 10, 2023
After going to get a filling fixed at the start of 2023, I've developed great anxiety about my teeth. Since that appointment, I've already been back to the dentist three times.

I suffered for years with depression and mental illness, and after I dropped out of school I completely lost my routine for brushing regularly. I was also drinking way too much sugary drinks which made the situation far worse.
I finally went to the dentist after three years as my mental health had improved after I spent a few months in a psychiatric hospital and had to have two fillings on my front two teeth as they were very badly decayed. I feel horrible guilt about this damage. I've thought about getting a dental crown but I don't want them to grind down my teeth further.

For context, I have bad OCD and recently I've become hyperfixated on keeping my teeth in good order, however it seems that every day I notice new damage that makes me feel even more depressed.
The natural part of one of my top teeth is extremely faded beside the filling, as well as the two front bottom teeth. Another one of my front teeth has also faded drastically and just tonight I noticed that a part of it has chipped off. This same tooth had a hole near the gum that needed to be filled earlier this month.

I feel so much regret over all of this and I know that it can never truly be fixed, I get depressed when I see other people's natural teeth as I feel so fake with all the fillings I have.

I'm so confused. I've been brushing regularly, I've cut back on all sugar, and yet all this damage still has occurred. My paranoia about doing damage to my teeth has only gotten worse. I refuse to bite anything slightly hard without breaking it into a small enough size that I can fit in my mouth and avoid my front teeth, and every drink that is not water I have through a straw. My dentist has only said that I grind my teeth in my sleep, is that what caused my tooth to chip today?

I'm sorry if this post is directionless, I just feel so overwhelmed by everything. I leave the house less now because I don't want people to see my teeth. That's the same reason I force my mouth closed when I smile. I can't sleep at night with my anxiety and when I do I have nightmares about losing my teeth. I keep the light off when I'm near my bathroom mirror so I don't accidentally see my teeth. When I see the damage it just reminds me of my past, and new damage makes me feel like I'm still stuck there.

The damage only seems to get worse every day and I fear for the future of my teeth. I can't face meeting new people anymore because I know they will judge me for my teeth. I don't know why I'm posting this, I just need someone who will understand I guess. What can I do to stop further damage?
Hi, I am sorry to hear you are having to deal with this anxiety and these issues with your teeth, it sounds really rough. Maybe you should ask your dentist if you should use a night guard? My dentist told me that would help protect my teeth at night, which are getting really damaged and worn because of not fitting together well. You can get a night guard off amazon fairly cheap. I got the oral b one, and it's not bad. You might be able to get information about why your tooth chipped by posting in the ask a dentist forum on this site. A dentist on there might be able to give you good tips about preventing damage to your teeth too.