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So scared



May 5, 2017
A week today I am having a lower molar extracted.Can’t think about anything else.It’s root filled and chipped but no pain.I am 75 and have memories of rather bruI am in good general healthtal dentistry in the 60s.I am worried about the pain afterwards,getting an infection and the healing time.Please tell me I will survive I am in good general health apart from severe anxiety
Will have local anaesthesia too scared to be sedated x
HI, i just had an upper molar extracted 6 days ago, it had a root canal and i went to an oral surgeon, he had it out in about 5 mins., i couldn't believe it! I worried alot about getting it out and also how it was going to heal- no issues other than some soreness/swelling but that is easing. I just had local and i didn't feel a thing while he extracted it. Just follow the directions, be careful with eating (soft foods for 1-2 weeks and i'm sure you will be okay. I'm 52 and was also worried i'd take longer to heal. Just try to do what calms you most and think positively, keep busy with things with what you enjoy. Let me know you have anxiety. You got this and know you are strong.
@Kaiser I had two lower molar extractions on previously root canaled teeth in 2022. I had local anesthesia and was prescribed an Ativan to take before the procedure. I had no pain during the extractions and it took less than 30 minutes to extract both teeth (my teeth needed to sectioned so it took a little longer). Modern dentistry is wonderful with numbing techniques. I brought headphones and listened to music. The anxiety is the worst part, the procedure was a breeze.
How did it go? thinking about you-hope it went smoothly and just try to eat soft foods and be careful for the first few days, then it should be okay. My gum is abit sore but only when i touch it and it's 2 weeks tomorrow.
Thanks nutzforcats
Well I was very nervous but overall it went ok.The jab was a bit traumatic not painful exactly but felt very odd going deep into lower jaw.Then she carefully dug a trench all round,rocked it a bit and out that 75 year old tooth came!
No pain at all.
Got home feeling I had done 10 rounds with Tyson Fury 😂
Now on day 3 feeling ok jaw not painful at all but I did have a cracking headache yesterday.
Thank you for your support.
We are all stronger than we think and it’s the anticipation that’s the worst usually not half as bad as we imagine X
glad it went okay, give yourself time to heal and get back to normal, that is what i did. I"m on day 15 and not yet eating normal but will by next week hopefully.:)
@nutzforcats Yes being super cautious with diet soups scrambled eggs etc and salt water rinses.You will be back on steak and chips in no time!