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so want to go through with it but close to cancelling



Jul 31, 2013
I have a upper wisdom tooth being filled on thursday and I am so scared I am having panick attacks.I dont mind the treatment but I hate hate hate the numb sensation that creeps in after the shot.I either think I will suffer ab allergic reaction or will swell and stop breathing.this tooth is obviously as far back in my jaw as it gets and I have never been numbed there and dont know where Ill feel affected.
I so want it done,I do but I know I will slide into a panic the minute that caine goes in..my heart beats fast just thinking about it...please help .I have tried sedatives the DR has given but my adrenaline fights them and counter acts the good they do .I feel such a failure..:cry:
Have you tried meditating or essential oils? Sometimes just training your mind can help ease the process. For me the pain and suffering outweighed my fears. Perhaps finding something that motivates you more than anything will help push you through it.
I'm 27 and had for wisdom teeth taken out this month during two separate visits. Before each one I couldn't enjoy anything and I ate like there was no tomorrow. Calming music found online annoyed me and wasn't relaxing at all. I couldn't stop thinking about the upcoming visits, how I'd never be free until they were all over, and I wished I could cry but I think I was too preoccupied with worst case scenarios whirling about in my head. In vain I tried to fill up on favorite TV shows so I could daydream about them and distract myself as the teeth were taken out, even stay up the night before so I'd feel too tired or even sleep through the procedures, but when the time came I was a hundred percent AWARE.

Thankfully I'd visited the dentist before to have cavities filled and wisdom teeth examined, so I knew that both of the dentists available were really nice. That was the only thing that helped. Not completely. But it still helped. As did knowing that it would take far less time than I ever thought it would to get the teeth out.

Good luck! Even now I'm still petrified of having to go back to get one last cavity filled and possibly cutting through the gums to get a tooth fragment out, so I feel your pain! Or fear, as it were.