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Soft bone vs hard bone for implant



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Oct 8, 2017
Hi all,

Just wondering as I just know that there's hard bone and soft bone 😅 This reminds me of the dentist mentioning that my bone quality is soft while she's drilling my jawbone for implant.

Wondering if dental implant will be successful if done on a soft bone? Two more weeks to go before I'm going for crown impression. It's nearly three months since my dental implant surgery. Things seems to be fine but recently, sometimes, there's on and off weird feeling around the implant site. It's hard to explain, but it feels as I could feel like something is swelling up but it went away after a while. Just praying hard that everything's fine.

I've been wondering why does my extraction site bone, prior to the implant surgery, looks dark on the dental xray. I extracted it in 2019 and now it's 2023, but the area still looks as if bones are not filling in, I'll check with my dentist when I'm back at the clinic but I'm just curious as to why that area seems 'empty/dark'.


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