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Soft Food Diet Hunger After Lanap Surgery



Junior member
Dec 23, 2013
Huntsville, AL

I need some help. I just had Lanap surgery 2 weeks ago. I am currently on a soft food diet. But it doesn't seem to be satisfying me. I eat almost every hour but I can never stay full. Does anyone have any ideas of what I can eat to satisfy my hunger? I am so tired of mashed potatoes and soups.
can you have milky things, milkshakes with added cream or ice cream, porridge, custard and sponge pudding, creamed soups cheese sauce with potato, milk puddings, egg custard, bread and butter pudding Ie. semolina, rice pudding will fill you up more
( some of these desserts may be more known in the UK but should be available or recipes can be sourced on internet)
ive noticed that if you make blue box kraft mac and cheese, you dont have to chew it to swallow
Soups, spaghettios, soft pasta like spaghetti in butter or tomato sauce that's slurpable. I also ate yogurt, applesauce, and chocolate pudding constantly.

It takes a little getting used to, but wander the grocery aisles looking for things that are really high in fat and sugar. It's not a very healthy diet, but the it won't kill you for a couple of weeks. The goal is just to load up on calories. If you have a blender, smoothies are great and you can put all kinds of food into them.
Eggs, in many forms. Soft (ie silken) tofu, lovely in a spicy sauce. Pasta cooked to the verge of overcooking, in a nice slippery sauce and swallowed whole; also ramen can be eaten without chewing, as well as those yam/potato/mung bean Asian noodles. Tomatoes baked into submission (with melted stilton bits on top preferably). Rip up soft breads and sop them in your soups for more calories.

Actually, a whole lot of things can be swallowed whole if you cut them up small enough (think about swallowing pills), although the post-lanap diet may not allow small particulates. I had 6 months of a no-chewing-whatsoever diet and found that I could technically consume pretty much anything if it was cut up small enough and not too sticky or dry, it was just a lot easier and faster to eat soft slippery things.