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soft gums?



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May 30, 2015
Hollywood Florida
A couple weeks ago I noticed two of my teeth were slightly loose if I pushed on them with my tongue or moved them with my fingers like they would click out of place at the same time I noticed the gums have receded slightly there's brown along the gum line on those two teeth and recently the gums have gotten soft and a bit mushy I can feel the gums moving a little when I move my lips around and they're very sensitive what's happening? I'm scared my teeth are just gonna fall out of my mouth. Also the teeth have like white and yellow stains on them and one has a tiny hole in it. I'm going crazy! All my teeth are bad. All my molars are badly decayed I have cavities in some of my front teeth one is very bad half of the tooth is decayed vertically up to the gums and all my teeth have yellow brown and white spots on them I mean the stains are horrible mostly the top teeth between the teeth and along the gums and mostly on the top of the teeth . I'm terrified of the dentist haven't been in about 6 years. All I can do is blame myself from smoking soda drinking bad diet not really brushing that much because of pain or me forgetting and just falling asleep and 2 pregnancies really killed my teeth plus I never remember going to the dentist as a child. Last time I went I was 21 they put a filling between my front teeth which recently fell out leaving me with a huge hole between my front teeth. I never went back because my insurance ran out. I'm extremely depressed I want to fix my teeth but I don't even know if they're saveable at this point and I don't want dentures especially because of bone loss and facial collapse and I don't want my boyfriend of 8 years having to see me with no teeth in my mouth ugh I'm so dumb :shame: im sorry for long post I just have a lot on my mind
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I know how you feel and It sucks. Its pointless to regret you just waste energy look into the future instead.
If you are worried about bone loss then bone graft is there even if you get denture. I was close to getting
a denture and I'm sure that if I waited little bit longer I would be getting it for sure. Even right now
I'm perfect candidate for that but I have option to get few implants and use remaining teeth.

Thing is you don't have clue on what has to be done and its best to gather courage and go at least for a check
up and try to find dentist to suits you. It is important to get clear picture and to start as soon as possible.

You can lose bone even if you have teeth that is what infections do I need bone graft even If all teeth were in place. Same goes for facial collapse it will happen eventually if you don't go.

Maybe you are in better shape then you think and there are a lot more options. We saw people who think
they need denture but come back after check up and tell us that they don't even need single extraction.
So yeah best thing you can do right now is go that information is key.