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Some Biting Soreness in Crowned Tooth / Night Guard?



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Apr 29, 2014
So I feel like my saga just continues. This is on tooth #3 (1st molar) - here's a recap!

- Tooth had an old amalgam filling removed and replaced with composite in early-April.
- Bit down on something hard on tooth about three weeks after it was re-filled. Cold & bite sensitivity.
- Tooth prepared for crown. Temporary crown caused fair amount of pain.
- Root canal performed a week prior to permanent porcelain crown being delivered.
- Permanent crown delivered. Bite adjusted a couple of times.

While I was on a week-long vacation all pain and awareness of the tooth finally went away and it felt 100% normal. Before heading on this vacation, I had impressions taken for a night guard (I grind).

After returning from vacation and coming back to work, awareness of the tooth and some bite sensitivity returned. I would get a "twinge" when pushing floss up between the tooth and the adjacent one. The bite sensitivity isn't really "painful" as it was when the temporary crown was on, but I can just feel it when I bite down - like it's bruised or sore.

When I went to my dentist to get the bite guard delivered (three days after the sensations returned), she looked at the x-ray we had - said the margins all looked good. No sign of infection or anything. She chalked it up to my grinding starting up again (maybe I was de-stressed on vacation?) and said that use of the bite guard should eventually cause the tooth to calm down.

It has been almost a week since delivery of the bite guard and this has not gotten any better. (I wouldn't say any worse, either). We had adjusted the bite guard for "high spots" on delivery but I still feel like this tooth and the ligament that supports it must be getting aggravated.

Any ideas? I would agree that it seems like my grinding, and thus irritation of the tooth, likely went away while I was on vacation and it returned right as I went back to work - but am I putting too much stock in this explanation? And shouldn't the bite guard be helping to calm the tooth as my dentist said? Or am I just being too impatient?
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I have the exact same thing. I have 2 crowned and root canaled teeth that are sore. It comes and goes, but when I feel the soreness my mind goes crazy and I convience myself that I will have to have them pulled and it terrifies me. I had root canals about 3 yrs ago and I wore a bite guard at night and finally it got so sore that I went back and they made me another one for the bottom (since my problem was on the top) and it fixed it. Every now and then it does it again, right now its doing it and I am so scared that I will loose those teeth. I feel no pain, more of a burning twing and soreness and when I take advil it goes away but its been bothering me off and on for a few days now.

Good luck. I know I was not any help to you, just wanted to say your not the only one.