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Some upper and lower teeth on one side moderately sensitive to hot and cold - which toothpaste to use?



Apr 15, 2008
As the title says. Also, I've been using Sensodyne Repair and Protect for some time (even before this issue cropped up over the past few weeks) so is there a better toothpaste to use than that for teeth sensitivity? (note: I'm in the UK).

To give some more background, some of my lower right teeth started to become moderately and more noticeably sensitive to cold a few weeks ago, the dentist checked them out but nothing was found, also took an X-Ray - still nothing found.

Since then the moderate cold sensitivity has remained and varies a bit but now I have moderate hot and cold sensitivity on some of my upper and lower teeth on the right side. I guess this could of course be gum recession?

I also wonder if this is somehow related to the TMJ 'clicking' issues I've been having lately (which is a bit better now, and mentioned in another recent thread here), plus the fact that for years, up until the past week or so, I used to chew gum a LOT, but mainly on the right side because of a tooth issue on my left side which is due to be treated soon. I barely chew gum any more now, and even then only slightly (I mainly suck it at times).

I'll also add that my lower right teeth have had slight cold sensitivity for years, it's only lately that the above has developed.

I guess this could of course be due to gum recession?

Edit: to add to the above, the increased hot/cold sensitivity has only really started since I severely reduced the amount of (sugar free) chewing gum that I chewed on. Surely not a coincidence?
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