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Someone please help?



Aug 3, 2016
I had a bottom 2nd molar extracted 2 years ago. The gum has never healed! There has always been a black spot on top where the tooth used to be and it hurts to touch and tender when I press On it and throbsa lot. Next to it I have the wisdom tooth that grew in sideways but it’s not causing any issues at the moment. My dentist said he prefers to Leave the wisdom tooth in and wouldn’t even touch it. Then I have my lower 1st molar that was root canalled, built up and crowned around 6 weeks after my extraction. Now when I bite down on this root cannalled tooth it hurts but the gum around it doesn’t hurt but the gum around my extraction site hurts so I’m wondering if there is anything wrong with the extraction site causing pain in my lower 1st molar. Also when I put my tongue and finger I. The extraction site I can feel some tooth there so I suspect some was left over as he did have to break to extract it. Could they be causing the pain in my site and my 1st molar? The gum has never really hardened either it’s still soft..I’ve been back to
The dentist in the past but he just said ‘it’s healing’ And left it at that. I’m in pain again and I can’t cop? It’s radiating up my face and will now have to find the money to go back again to get this sorted ?
I have seen your post two days ago.. so sorry to hear about your situation and also sorry that you didn't get any reply yet.. I am almost afraid to write it but seeing a dentist is probably the only thing that can help you now and pain radiating up to your face sounds like it would be better if you made an appointment sooner than later. It sounds like you didn't find your old dentist much helpful so maybe trying to find a new dentist would be a good idea. All good wishes and I really hope you will find a way to get it sorted out.