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Someone's success



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Jul 19, 2009
Miami, Fl
So this was a review this week and I'm posting it so that you can see that one you aren't alone but besides that perhaps some dentist will stumble on this as I think she describes her thoughts well.

 8 hours ago
I think the art of compassion is a frequently underestimated element of healing in many lines of care, especially in the realm of medicine. The skills exhibited by Dr. Kimsey and his team exemplify the importance of kindness, especially when performed in parallel with beautiful technique and high-quality treatment. Each procedure I've had here definitely lives up to the name of Dr. Kimsey's practice. I personally understand how easy it can be to put off something that gives us anxiety, or to delay prioritizing our own health (especially if you've had negative experiences in the past). Luckily, this is a gem of a place that brims with the type of warmth I've never found in a dental office before. From those at the front desk to the doctor himself, everyone here is a patient soul who's truly there to put you at ease while they help. This is the best sort of different I think you can encounter when it comes to dentistry, and I'm very grateful to have found it. If dental work stresses you or a loved one out, please remember: we all deserve to feel good, safe, and respected. This is a wonderfully unique place that provides just that, which is why I happily recommend it to those of you reading this and beyond. Thank you so much! :)