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Somerset dentist



Junior member
Mar 23, 2015
Hi all, I turn 40 this week and I want to be able for to smile again! I am terrified of the dentist so would like your advice on how best to find a dentist who is able to deal with my teeth and my fears. They are bad, most broken and/loose. I’m in south Somerset.
Thank you
Hi Angelxm,

this sounds like a good goal. Finding the right dentist is a huge but the most important thing so we have a lovely article about where to start and how to find someone who is good with anxiety:

We also have a couple of recommendation here, maybe there is someone in your area?

(this is the same part of the forum you just posted in so maybe you've seen those anyway, but posting it to be sure as the forum can seem like a labyrinth if you're not too familiar with the structure:) )

All the best wishes