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Son referred to community dental service (norfolk, uk)



Aug 26, 2014
My nearly five year old son has been referred to the community dentist or hospital (not sure which as can't find out who he was referred too :( ). He requires at least two fillings in molars. We brush teeth twice a day but he suffers from reflux and is often sick from us brushing. Also frequently on antibiotics. We have been told that the waiting list is one year long and that as he's not special needs he would need to be referred back every time for treatment. He suffers from a phobia about medics and severe anxiety about dentists. Our family dentist tried but was unable to look in his mouth as he was so distressed. In one years time I think the cavities will be huge :(. Anyone any experience of community dentists?
I'm so sorry...it's extremely difficult to find dentists who will work on a very small child. I was five when I got a cavity which in turn quickly developed an abscess and resulted in a traumatic experience with a horrid dentist who pulled the tooth and scarred me for life. That being said, teeth seem to be unpredictable. Can you try the family dentist again? Does your family dentist offer any kind of sedation? If you could somehow ease your son's fears it could save him a lot of pain in the future. He's five, so I guess he wouldn't listen to reason about how a small filling now is not so bad in comparison to what could happen :) Hmm...what if you promised him a toy he really wants if he gets the filling? What is he most scared of?
Sadly our dentist has said that they're not able to treat him with gas and air sedation as last time he ran out of the surgery. He's been scared of Dr's since he had his MMR jabs as a toddler. Apparently the community dentists have more time and can try behavioural therapy too but it's such a long wait. I'm at dentist with my daughter next week and my son is taking his toy crocodile with him to show the dentist his teeth. Sadly what usually happens is that he screams and try to escape even though the dentist isn't near him . He's a very smart little boy but a bit ocd and routine driven :(. Thanks for replying.
Ah, sounds difficult :( I hope that the dentist visit with the crocodile might turn out better than expected. Maybe a user who knows about community dental service and such will come along and offer their advice. Wishing you the best :thumbsup: