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Soooo anxious about lower wisdom teeth being removed under general!!!! Please help



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Apr 18, 2013
Soooo anxious about lower wisdom teeth being removed under general!!!! Please help

Hi there, I'm booked in to have my lower wisdoms removed in about 1 month (although I might bring it forward as I don't think I can handle the waiting I'm sooo stressed out).I've had my uppers out on two separate visits recently just under local (and half Ativan) (about 1 month apart) one side was fine the other sore for about 1 week. I get extremely anxious about the feeling of local as I HATE being numb! I am having them taken out under general as one of them in impacted, he said he will have to cut back the gum and cut the tooth in 2 (it's facing forward half out) and am booked in with one of the countries best Oral Maxillofacial Surgeons. I am absolutely freaking out about EVERYTHING to the point I almost can't sleep. I'm worried about the pain afterwards the most, the feeling of big holes afterwards, the general l (I have been under general 3 times in my life but years ago), the drugs afterwards (I hate taking drugs as I feel all anxious haha I feel like a complete nutcase as I'm writing this!) the fact I'm 37 and I heard the older you are the more it hurts afterwards The Surgeon said he will only numb me up around the teeth so I don't feel numb all over. Please can I hear some positive stories of people with impacted lowers around my age and whats happens. I'm so terrified I feel like it's all I can think about! I'm freaking out more than childbirth haha.
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Re: Soooo anxious about lower wisdom teeth being removed under general!!!! Please help

Actually im 37 as well. I just had a lower badly (full bone) impacted wisdom tooth removed under sedation (just some drugs through an iv that help your relax during the procedure). It was a fairly complicated procedure but it didn't take long. Only thing that hurt a little is when the doctor made a boo boo and didn't freeze my gum enough before the incision -- after that he gave me one more quick freezing shot and i didn't feel a thing for the rest of the operation. He sawed and pulled and sawed some more but I didnt feel a thing.

After the operation I just went home and watched tv and had a nap. Your doc will give you post op instructions follow them closely as I think this is the key to the most positive experience. I am on Ibuprofen and use a medicated mouthwash. To be honest I didnt really have any pain at all even right after surgery. Yea there is a little swelling and some tightness and tenderness but nothing too bad. I wouldn't worry much it is really not going to be half as bad as you thnk