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Soooo nervous



Junior member
Mar 24, 2014
I'm 43 yrs old and I've never had straight teeth. I sucked my thumb till the age of 10 and being deathly afraid of the dentist I never had braces Through the years of never going to the dentist and never flossing my teeth have shifted and are really lose. For years I've wanted to just rip them all out and get new teeth but was to chicken to follow through well about three weeks ago I finally just made and appointment and had a consultation with a terrific dentist and she said unfortunately all of my teeth need to be removed. Long story short after impressions and visit to oral surgeon my appointment is tomorrow at 9am I'm getting 28 teeth removed and having immediate dentures ( upper and lower ) put in. I'm so nervous as to what to expect besides swelling maybe some brushing Of course pain or soreness but what else should I expect. Any feed back would be appreciated. Ty
Sorry no one got back to you, there are so many people and stories and often I look for the ones titled dentures or something I have had.
I am uk based and had 17 out (in stages) with immediates last year and about to get my immediates replaced for more long lasting set.
By now I guess you have had your treatment and I hope it went well for you and you are not feeling too bad. Happy to answer any questions based on my own experiences, wishing you a un-eventful and speedy recovery