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Sore/Inflamed Gums at the back of my mouth.



Junior member
Jul 19, 2006
Hi. i'm new to the forum, but I'm very excited to see if anyone can answer me about this recurring issue.
Every now and then, I get inflamed gums at the back of my mouth near the sight of where my two bottom wisdom teeth were extracted. Sometimes, the gum area will swell so bad to the point where I can feel a little piece of my gum poking out with my tongue. I'm really scared about this, because I never went back to the surgeon after my wisdom teeth were pulled, and wonder if maybe I have some food that got stuck in there, and it just healed over it. It's only every now and then that it flares up, but it's really annoying because they were pulled 7 years ago.
Probably a bony spicule, have a read here some people have mentioned them before. It's not a big deal really.