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Sore, Red Gums



Junior member
Oct 6, 2016
I'm 42-years-old with about a decade of mild periodontal disease. My oral hygiene is important to me: I brush and floss twice daily, do occasional warm salt water rinses, and during my periodontal maintenance they always comment on how great I'm looking.

I hit a mental slump and haven't been in for my maintenance in two years. I am now scheduled to go in. However, I'm a bit alarmed by my front, lower gums. I've attached two photos to compare each side.

Clearly I have crowded teeth. I also suffer from bruxism. It's been particularly bad lately so my jaw is quite sore. I don't know if it's related or a coincidence but simultaneously my gums in this area has been bothering me.

I'm now wondering if my gums look too "scalloped" or concaved here? They seem more thin on the red side. Or perhaps this is simply the result of bruxism and crowded teeth.

Does this look alarming?


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You've just not been doing a great job with your plaque removal. There will be a little bit of calculus build up which the dentist will take care of for you, then you can get back on top of things. There's nothing to panic over.
Bruxing will be much more likely to cause your jaw pain than your gums.