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Sorry, I need to ask another question



Junior member
Nov 25, 2019
I hope I am posting this in the right section. Last year, after having been to an NHS dentist for around 12 years I decided to change to a small private one, as I am so very afraid and as it's a small practice and the dentist is so calm and nice I thought it would be a good step.

However, as a piece of filling had come out of a top molar I went along for my first visit thinking she would put in a new filling, but no, she said the tooth had to come out and so I went ahead. The site became very ulcerated and painful after extraction and took about a month to heal, so I felt fairly disappointed.

Back in June for a checkup and clean and I felt confident all was well.

Then I started to feel horrid pain in a lower molar when anything hot touched it. I stood it for a while as I just wanted to put off going, but in the end , in September, I went to see her. She said there was a tiny chip in the filling and as it was a big old one she would take it out and put in a new composite filling. That appointment was for an hour and I couldn't believe the amount of time this wretched filling took to do. When I got home and the anaesthetic had worn off, the filling felt slightly rough and to be honest I thought it looked ugly, and has stayed rough.

Sadly it didn't cure the painful sensation of hot stuff touching it, in fact it was far worse. Again, very disappointed, and fearful so I stood it for a couple of months hoping and praying it would calm down but it didn't so back I went.
She suggested she take the filling out, put in a dressing filling with Eugenol and a temp filling on top for a couple of weeks, then take all that out and put in a new permanent composite.... if the dressing hadn't worked then it would mean 2 - 3 sessions of root canal . I nearly passed out at the thought. I beleive this is a mix of cloves and eucalyptus which I am allergic to. So I came home to think about it, and after a week , could stand the pain no more and so last Friday went to have the wretched tooth out.

Yesterday the pain was dreadful, such an awful ache down in the jaw .. The extraction site itself looks ok, not ulcerated, and I don't think it's a dry socket as I can see the clot ... but I am going to have to go back to see her yet again.

I am shaking as I write this , my fear is that there is an infection and the bottom line is I can take antibiotics.. not the penicillins, nor the cephelasporins .

I can't help but feel each time I've been to this dentist it has been disaster.

So my question is... now should I go to another dentist? I honestly feel my confidence in her has gone, as each time I've been it has been traumatic procedures. Ok if I had stayed with the NHS dentist maybe all this would have happened too, but I am beginning to doubt it.

Sorry this is such a long post, but I needed to say it all, and please ask for your advice?

Many thanks


Staff member
Verified dentist
Oct 25, 2005
So my question is... now should I go to another dentist? I honestly feel my confidence in her has gone, as each time I've been it has been traumatic procedures.

You've answered the question yourself, if your confidence in this dentist is gone, then there is no recovering the relationship and you need to move on. If there's an infection in the socket then it would normally be best treated with Metronidazole, which almost nobody is allergic to... given the time since the extraction, it still sounds like dry socket to me though.