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Sorry, yet another question from me - temporary filling query!



Oct 11, 2010
Devon, UK
I have been eating (soft foods) and cleaning my tooth with the temp filling as usual, it feels ok and I'm getting no pain...all good so far.

I have noticed that the filling is sort of low down in my tooth and the filler doesn't go right to the top so I have an edge of tooth all the way round that isn't touched by the filling. I just wondered if this is ok, or is it because the filling has eroded? I must admit I haven't felt any bits come loose and the surface of the filling is still smooth.

There are no other issues with it and it's very comforatble to eat on and brush (after being quite tender for 24 hours), but my next appt isn't until the 7th of June, will the filling last this long? My dentist specifically told me to eat normally on it, but just not to floss that tooth in case I flipped the filling out. I just want to make sure I am doing the right things to care for it.

Many thanks for putting up with my constant stream of questions, I did try and search old posts first to find the answer, but I couldn't find what I needed, hence this post. :redface:
Yes this is normal...I had an rct temporary in and it looks like it's still open and low in the tooth, just as you describe. Lack of pain is a very good sign that it will all work out fine.