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Special Care dentist visit tomorrow and periodontal disease



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Mar 26, 2018
Hi there,

New to here but thought I would post as everything I have read has seemed so helpful so far.

I’m in the UK and have been referred to a special care dentist as I have extreme phobia, anxiety and depression. I visited a general dentist in January who scared me so much I ended up suicidal and being put on Valium to get through the following days.

What I’m most scared about is having periodontal disease. The last dentist mentioned pockets and that I would need perio cleaning so I’m assuming I have this but just wanted some tips on at home hygiene routines that may help in addition to any advice given by my new dentist?

And also, does anyone else have experience with special care dentists? I’m normally a really strong person and have lived with severe anxiety and depression for 17 years but this has been so so difficult to cope with!!

Thanks for reading :)
One of the dentists involved with the original setting up of this website 'Gordon' works as a special care dentist in the UK. To date we have only ever had good feedback from posters about this part of UK NHS dental offering so I don't think you have anything to worry about. I am sure they will be able to advise on the best tooth care methods and may even have their own hygienist who can help you or dentist may offer advice themselves. Best wishes and let us know how it goes. :XXLhug:

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You having anxiety and difficulties to cope with this is no contradiction to being a strong person. You are being very courageous and brave and I know it wasn't easy. I'm very sorry to hear about your scary experience in January :( Hope your visit yesterday could heal a bit of it and hopefully you can get the care you need soon.

If you like to have some additional tips about taking care of your teeth, here are two links from the dental FAQ section here on the page that you might find helpful:


It sounds like the last dentist quite scared you about the periodontal disease and the cleaning, but this can get treated. There are a lot of posts here from people who had deep cleaning and gum problems and got it sorted, so I am sure your new dentist can help you with that.

Take care and let us know how you are doing. May your new dentist be very kind and non-scary and make you feel accepted and taken care of.