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Sprained Ligament? Failed root canal?



Junior member
Aug 21, 2020
Hi All,

I’m feeling very frustrated, sad, and scared. Let’s start at the beginning...

I wore an upper retainer for 16/17 years after my braces were taken off. A few months ago, the retainer broke and I never got a replacement. About a month later, I started having pain on my front right tooth (#8) - but only on the bottom right corner of the tooth and only when there was pressure. It gradually got a little worse, so I finally got checked. My dentist said it’s definitely from not having my retainer protect the the tooth and now my bottom teeth are hitting it at night (I’m a night clencher/grinder). She also noticed a very small infection at the tip of the root.

I had a root canal on 8/5 and on 8/7 wore an over-the-counter night guard to help protect the tooth. I woke up and the pain was HORRIBLE. The tooth was so sensitive and every time I spoke/moved my mouth or anything brushed over the tooth I got shooting pain. The pain and sensitivity lessened as the day went on, and I saw my dentist again on 8/12. We took an xray and everything looked perfect. She noticed the filling was high so she adjusted the bite. She told me I could try the night guard again so I waited a few days, was still having sensitivity and pain with pressure, but finally put the guard on again last night (8/19). Woke up to a bit more sensitivity but the pain has gotten worse as the day went on and now it’s sharp and heat is hurting it.

I have an appointment next week on 8/26 to get the tooth crowned but I’m terrified that this pain and sensitivity won’t go away and the crown will make it worse!

She’s convinced that it’s the ligaments in and around the tooth causing pain, especially since the root canal was successful, but I just don’t know what to think.


Staff member
Verified dentist
Oct 25, 2005
It could be either. If you're in that much pain get back onto your dentist. I certainly wouldn't think of crowning the tooth until you're out of pain completely.