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Sprained Tooth Syndrome?



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Nov 27, 2009
I have all the symptoms of this. I was Googling "inflamed periodontal ligament" because that's the only thing that dentists have been commenting on my lone bottom right molar that is constantly aching and sore 24/7 since April-ish. It has a 2mm gum pocket that they claim is not infected but it feels like it is. I have all the symptoms listed here in the article about it, but is this just a money-making scheme? Something made up? https://www.dentistryiq.com/dentistry/endodontics/article/16373351/sprained-tooth-syndrome-explained

I also have an ulcer on my cheek near the tooth, I may have been biting my cheek cause that area is so uncomfortable...

I'm seriously considering either seeing a Neurologist or having the dentist pull this molar out, place bone grafts and get prepped for an implant. It is the last molar I have left on my bottom arch. No tooth behind or in front of it. I cannot go on like this any longer. The main problem is my severe dental phobia and inability to take a benzodiazepine or an opiate (I was dependent on benzodiazepines, am tapering off by my own choice, and suffer from sedative-hypnotic kindling after coming off them...benzo dependency destroyed my life with long-term adverse effects...I was put on them for anxiety....and opiates make me puke!).

They said there is sedation with Propofol as an option but that there is nothing "wrong" with the tooth, so why should they pull it? They just want to give me a night guard but I can't keep that crap in my mouth all night. It may look healthy to them but it can't be.... this doesn't make sense.

IT HURTS! My neck and shoulder are sore too. All day long. A constant feeling of a full, bruised tooth and irritated gum around the tooth. Also, during cleanings it is the only area that bleeds.

It is interfering with my life and giving me insane panic attacks :(

Is there hope? Would my dentists know what Sprained Tooth Syndrome is and can it be treated?? I seem to have all the symptoms listed in the article...

I've been evaluated by 4 dentists since April...
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But what that site is calling STS is what I and most other dentists would call inflamed periodontal membrane... so the treatment would be very similar in any event, adjust the bite most likely using some kind of a splint. Removing the tooth would most likely move the problem to a different area of the mouth and a different tooth...

You could do with seeing a dentist with a special interest in occlusion for some advice. An implant may not be successful if the underlying bite problem isn't fixed.
Hi Camisa,
Gordon is spot on - this just screams occlusal (bite) problem - if you can't wear a niteguard then ask about an NTI splint, they're smaller.
If you can't cope with that overnight then they could have you wear it daytime to relax your chewing muscles then assess where your bite is catching.
The treatment is not difficult from your perspective, doesn't even need local, so maybe it could be tried without sedation.