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SRP last week, infection not cleared up yet- no aftercare advice. Scared and Confused.



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Dec 10, 2014
SRP last week, infection not cleared up yet- no aftercare advice. Scared and Confused.


This is my first post here, but I've been lurking for a month.

Question: I had a scaling a root planning done last week (one side on monday and the other thursday). I had an infection in my lower gums behind my front teeth with pus and all that good stuff. The hygienist also said I had some pus on the left side at one tooth (the side done Thursday). In addition, I also had a temporary crown put on back upper molar on the left side on Wednesday last week too (boy it was a crud week!). Here it is wednesday and I still have pus and swelling behind those lower front teeth, and the tooth she mentioned is sensitive, and that temp crown is aching so bad- the whole side of my face kind of hurts, lastly, on the left side I have one tooth that bled with using the waterpik last night (first time it's bled). They put on a topical antibiotic (I think?) and then sent me home with a plunger full to use up, which I have. I've never had any of this done before, is this normal to still have signs of the infection almost a week later? Should it clear up? Will it make bone loss happen faster if I don't do more for it soon?

I feel like I'm bugging the crud out of my dentist with questions all the time, but I still feel like no one's answered anything! They haven't told me how bad my periodontal condition is, nor what the prognosis is for the infection (there is also some slight movement back and forth of the tooth thats in that part of the infected gum) if my tooth will or won't tighten up, or even what I should be doing to take care of my teeth properly long term or for after care. I'm so frustrated and depressed this last few weeks. I'm in my finals week at school and get in front of the computer and just break out into tears and can't get anything done. I had no idea how bad this had gotten. I'll post my dental issues/history below this.

Right now I'm flossing 3-4 times a day, waterpiking twice a day sometimes with sea salt, using my sonicare 3 times a day, using closys, Colgate total and a mouth sore rinse interchangeably, and basing meals or anything not water around teeth duties. I've lost 10lbs since I realized my tooth was loose, quit smoking, quit soda, quit coffee, quit sugar (except for some stevia in my tea with dinner), been eating moderately soft foods. I really have no idea how I should be caring for this so I'm being extra cautious I guess- what should I do to stay ahead of this but not have to be tied to the bathroom in tooth activities all day?

I don't get my crown until the 28th then prepare for the other side, then my follow up is on January 8th with the hygienist. They all seem very nonchalant about it. But when she was doing the other side of my mouth she made a comment like "oh, its not that bad, but its kind bad, but not really, but it kinda is worse than i thought" sort of wishy washy. But I could get no further explanations.

I attached my x-rays and probing. I also have gum resession on top of that probing too... Maybe someone can tell me where I'm at with this roughly, so I can sleep :redface:?

Sorry for rambling, I'm just so lost....


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Re: SRP last week, infection not cleared up yet- no aftercare advice. Scared and Confused.

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Re: SRP last week, infection not cleared up yet- no aftercare advice. Scared and Confused.

Anyone? I went back to them to ask in person and the dentist just looked at me like I didn't know what I was talking about, he kinds just glanced at it... But it's deffinetly acting like it's still infected even now. That spot is very swollen and tender and there's definely a small amount yellow almost greenish discharge if I light press on it. I'm really worried, and can't seem to get anyone to tell me if I should be expecting this to clear up and when or what to expect.

Sorry... I'm so worried and lost. The first time I tried to have a scaling and planning done years back they didn't use novicane, it was horrible and I only got through one side. And here I am, almost 6 years on and finally dragged myself back to the dentist again after realizing I had the infection, and- they used novicane! And they were gentle and I hate myself for having been so scared of this and letting my teeth get into this shape. The last dentist, when they bothered to numb you it was like they were playing darts.

Reading everyones experiences before going this time really helped helped me work up the nerve to make the appointment, go in and not run out screaming "I'm sorry".
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