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stage 3 periodontal disease--help!!:(



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Feb 17, 2007
I am so happy I found this forum. I am 30 yrs old and havent been to the dentist in 9 years and am so embarrassed and mad at myself. I have a huge fear of dentists---mainly humiliation about my gums and knowing I will have to be poked and prodded. So I finally went today only because I have been having electric shock like pain in the right side of my face.

To go back a little, I went for a check up in December and the dentist was very rude and told me I had no decay or cavities but that " you are gonna lose all your teeth girl"- ah he said it to me and rushed me out like I was cattle. It took me years to get my nerve up tp go and I get treated like filth. So today I found a new one and he was so nice and was congratulating me on making the first step and told me although I have stage 3 perio disease ( out of 4 stages he said), that fortntely my condition is reversible but only after root scaling and planing (that sounds horrific in itself ) and gum therapy. He also took xrays and found a bad caviy absess in a bottom molar that needs root canal or extraction. THATS what was causing my pain. The other dentist was incompetant-- he took xrays and said I didnt have any cavities there.

So I am newly diagnosed with this disease I dont know much about. I am afraid that after they clean them that my teeth will be too loose and come out!!!! Thats my main fear. I also think I will jutst have my tooth extracted because 50% off it is decayed and I cant handle someone drilling my root out.....I feel faint even saying that.

Now I am moving to anoher state and have to find a dentist that will do all these things for me. I am scared out of my mind....I dont know anything about root scaling and planing and they said something about *gross debase* or some procedure like that which I dont even know if I spelled right.lol. I cant really read the writing they put down.

an anyone tell me any details of root planing and extractions? they sa it will be very expensive....does anyone know roughly how much a full mouth deep claning is? I have insurance but it isnt very good. They say I need this cleaning or could lose my teeth thn they tell me it will be quite expensive. Its very scarey!!! Financially and physically. Plus I have tmj and am afraid what it will do to my mouth being open for so long!

Sorry for my rambling I just have no one to talk to about this - not anyone who understands why I am soooooo scared of it all. I shook so bad today in the waiting room that tonight my muscles ar sore from it!!! Ugh...any help, support or information would be so greatly appreciated!!!!!!! :hidesbehindsofa: :(
Hi scaredeekatt,

congratulations on finding a new dentist who you get on well with, that's fantastic :cheers:! Are you going to move to another state so soon that you can't have these things done at your new dentist?

I'm not sure how much it will cost you (though I'm sure your dentist would be able to advise you),but there have been a few posts about root scaling on this forum about it, e. g.:

[out-of-date links removed]

Regarding the tmj, freakout might be able to give you some tips if she sees this post :)

Congratulations again :)!
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Congrats on finding a dentist you trust :jump: Perhaps you could ask for his assistance in finding a dentist in the new area that you are moving to.

Regarding the TMJ, it is very important that you discuss that with the dentist. While we always want to just get treatment over with, we must take it slower than most. In my case the TMJ kept me away from the dentist for years, out of fear that any treatment would cause it to flare up. I have found a dentist that takes things at my pace. Giving me breaks between treatments, allowing my jaw time to rest.
Ask for a "bite block" when having treatment that will cause you to hold your mouth open for long periods. This helps to take pressure off of the joints. But most important, communicate with the dentist any problems your TMJ is giving you. Apply warm moist heat after appointments to prevent the muscles from flaring up.

Hope this helps and keep us posted :)
You guys are so sweet--your advice helps more than you know. Thank you so much. I found a new dentist I am going to try in the new area that specializes in fear of dentists. Its a miracle! I have yet to find out if they will take my insurance...I pray they do. I will keep you guys posted. :grouphug: