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Stanmore, London



Staff member
Jan 1, 2005
We have received the following recommendation:

"I would wholeheartedly recommend my dentist, Lennie Bernstein, at Family Dental Care in Stanmore, London. http://familydentalcarestanmore.co.uk/

I know that the fear of the dentist is a lot about the unknown so I will describe my dentist in a lot of detail, hopefully it can help someone else like me.

I have been going to him for the past year (my grandparents recommended him and he now also treats my parents, sister and fiance on my recommendation). I have suffered from anxiety my whole life, and I have always had a phobia of visiting the dentist. In Jan 2010 I had a very traumatic experience having a filling at another dental practice - they told me I also needed root canal but after the horrendous experience I had with the filling, I decided to move to Family Dental Care.

The practice is private, and so obviously it is expensive, but I think it is worth it. The practice is in a house in Stanmore (the whole building is used for the dental practice), so it is a very non-threatening environment. The staff on the front desk are very friendly and understanding - I have called and begged a receptionist in tears to fit me in with the dentist and they are unfailingly patient, sympathetic and they always fit you in. The dental nurses are lovely and very supportive. They sit next to you the whole way through the procedure and will hold your hand for the entire time if you need it. During my root canal there were two nurses, one to assist the dentist and one just to hold my hand!

When you go into the actual dentist's room, there is a desk with two chairs, and the dentist will sit you in a 'normal' chair for a chat to relax you before asking you to sit in the dental chair itself. The rooms are immaculate but not overly clinical. The dentist explains everything and gives constant reassurance about what he is doing and that nothing is wrong, even when he is just checking your teeth. He tells you frequently that you are in total control and that he will stop at any time you ask him to. He uses numbing gel before he anaesthetises you and he really waits for it to work properly. He is very skilled at injecting - it doesn't hurt (i even had 2 injections in the roof of my mouth) - it just feels like pressure and heat. I had gas and air for both the root canal and the crown that he did - it was very effective and he continued to comunicate with me throughout, letting me know that it was going well, and that it was nearly done etc. During the four sessions for the root canal, three sessions for the crown and also a filling I never felt any pain at all.

A dental nurse calls you the day after any procedure (even just a filling) to check how you're doing and answer any questions.

I still feel very anxious and I have a lot of work to do on my own fears, but I really trust my dentist and I think he could help other people like me."