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Starting Somewhere



Junior member
Sep 4, 2021
United States
Wow wow wow - can’t believe I’m saying that I’m DONE. (for now, anyway). I had two appointments this week to get my cavities filled, here’s how it went.
First appointment was for the cavities on top, I was so surprised at how smooth it went. The injections were just a tiny pinch, I barely noticed. It was over before I knew it.
The second appointment wasn’t AS easy. This one was to get the cavities on the bottom done. The injections did hurt quite a bit more, but made it through. The numb sensation for these I also thought was a lot worse, just because the entire lower jaw is numb.
Both times through, I didn’t feel any pain when he was working. He was nice, as quick as he could be, and then it was over.

Now I’m just scheduled for my 6 month cleaning appointment!
Of course, he does want me to get my wisdom teeth taken out but I’d have to consult with a different dentist because he doesn’t do that.. and I’m definitely not feeling there yet.
But overall, I’m feeling like this has been a success! Thanks for the support along the way