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staying numb for very long



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I have had extensive dental work done. I have been numbed more times than I can count. On 2 of those occations I was numb well beyond the normal time frame. Yesterday I was prepped for a crown and was given the injection at 11:30am. My lip and neck area was still numb at 1:45am this morning. The last time this happened was back a few years ago during a root canal. I had been TOTALLY numb for more than 48 hours. When I called that dentist (I'm not going to them anymore) I was told my metabolism was probably very slow & to drink alot of caffiene to help it out of my system.

I recall being told once that there is a very very rare percent of people who never get the feeling totally back. Is there any truth to this and do you have any thoughts to my staying numb for so many hours?

Thanking you in advance for your time & attention.
Re: Question about being numbed.

There are a few different local anaesthetics on the markets; some of them have a much longer duration of action than others (these are particularly good for longer procedures or if it's desirable to stay numb for a while afterwards as a means of preventing post-op pain).

As you said, it happened to you once before that you stayed numb for way longer than would normally be expected (I take it you got your feeling back?), so it may well just be due to your metabolism (though I've never heard of advising anyone to drink lots of caffeine to help it out of the system :confused:).

Just a guess!
Re: Question about being numbed.

Thanks so much for your response letsconnect.

Yes, I've gotten back all the feeling on both occasions. I've just never met someone else who had the same experience.

The advice I had received about drinking caffiene didn't seem too off the track to me actually LOL. Once I had an infection many years ago and the nurse told me to take the first 2 pills with caffiene to help it get into the blood stream quicker. On the other hand, had I had great dentists in the past I might not be on this board today.

Thanks again & have a great day.